My Love Affair with Cannabis

I remember the first time I smoked weed, I was 15 years old and I was staying over at a friends house. We smoked, laughed our asses off and ate an entire cake! It was the best day of my life up to that point!  That was the moment I subconsciously decided that this relationship would never, ever end. It was love at first toke.

Smoking marijuana allows me to access esoteric parts of my mind that I don’t think I ever would have tapped into fully had I been without. It was literally the door opener to my spiritual evolution and waking up from the dream that I feel society lives in.  Like every relationship your partner can bring you the most intense joy and equally the darkest depths of despair.  I have felt both in through my experiences with this plant and I have learned so much about who I am thanks to my love for Cannabis.

Fast forward decades later and the relationship has definitely evolved as I have grown in self awareness. Now I connect with Cannabis on an entirely different level, yes of course I still use it when I go out and party, but most of the time it’s used now to stimulate my mind, expand my creativity, gain more awareness and ultimately feel more love.

What kind of “dream” are we stuck in, where we have lived in a society that for so long has denied this from us?

This is why Redefining Cannabis was created.  We want to support businesses in the Cannabis industry who are taking the reins and saying fuck you to prohibition. The more people who connect with our God given medicine, the better off the entire world is. We know this, everyone who works in this space knows this, with our skills we have the means to make this happen.

At 15 years old my first contact with Cannabis was a bonding experience, it was the bonding experience. It was the gateway, but for me the gateway wasn’t to “drugs” but it was to enlightenment.

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Sari Gabbay


  • irv nadel on August 22, 2016

    great story. . I too started when I was 15…I’ll be 65 in February. may will be 50 years as a token and I just went medicinally legal here in Toronto. .I have a Russian elegant lady friend in the pain clinic business in Brampton with a large clientele who along with a doctor in her building /network has started a cannabis business. ..she may need some help with branding!! I will definitely look yu up next time I’m in LA mid october…

  • Sari Gabbay on August 22, 2016

    Hey Irv! So glad you can relate to this and happy you have had similar amazing experiences! We would love to talk to your friend! Look forward to connecting 🙂